Fourth World War, The

Story: The Fourth World War is a look at the world from the less affluent side of all the major political conflicts currently going. Korea, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, New York City (post 9/11) and the West Bank among others are all included in this film. .
The Film Itself: The segments are shot by local reporters, news people and politically motivated individuals who want nothing else than to show their views of war and injustice to anyone willing to watch and listen. Much of the film is narrated by Michael Franti (Spearhead, Disposable Hero’s of Hypocrisy, and the Beatnicks) and Suheir Hammad. Music for the segments have been contributed to politically oriented groups like Muslimgauze, Asian Dub Foundation, and Ozomatli among many others. The film is very well edited, and the images at times are extremely disturbing. There is no denying the conversational factor that a viewing of this film will begin. It is very left wing though. If you are a conservative in anyway, this will do nothing but anger you. Of course, that is the point. The film makers are calling for change and they are sticking the war mongering ways of the conservatives? right down their throats. Being a much more middle of the road person myself, I saw truths about obvious human conditions that need to be addressed, but I also saw some sensationalism being invoked in some of the reporting. There is no way that anything on this documentary can be denied. It is all happening, and all the situations are bad, no matter which side you choose to believe. What they want you to do is think. Think about the rights and wrongs of the world and how we can fix them. It is about basic human rights of which many people have little or none. These are the extreme cases, but also the ones that need the most work. It can’t hurt you to watch this. It can make you extremely angry, and maybe that will spur you somehow to address the issues in this film. We leave in a really shitty world, and this is the absolute worst of it. ( – Myk.

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