Fly, The (1986)

Story: Seth Brundle is a brilliant scientist who’s experiments with teleportation are being documented by his journalist girlfriend. When he decides to teleport himself, a fly gets into the chamber hence combining their DNA. Slowly but surely, Seth is changing and turning into a giant fly!
The Film Itself: Oh, bliss! This is one of my all time favorite movies. And one of my favorite Cronenberg flicks. So, it’s only fitting that it finally gets a special edition 2 disc set, loaded with extras that even the casual fan will find interesting. The movie itself looks and sounds fantastic. Cronenberg’s visuals are crisp and that beautiful Howard Shore score is up front. Jeff Goldblum plays Seth Brundle with real-life girlfriend (at the time) Geena Davis as the reporter covering his life’s work. The wonderful thing about THE FLY is it is unapologetic about being a horror film. It is in fact horrifying and gross and gory. And has an incredible, intriguing story. The idea of finding love and then the person you’re in love with deteriorating is both heart breaking and real. (You can easily substitute Seth’s transformation into the fly with AID’s or cancer) This movie contains all the qualities of a classic. And it also crosses all genres. It’s hard not to be intrigued by the drama, the sci-fi aspects or even the horror within the film’s framework. Jeff Goldblum delivers probably one of his best performances, both in and out of make-up. Hands down, a MUST OWN DVD!!!
Special Features: Simply, this is one of the best special editions ever produced by the fine folks at Fox. There’s an extensive documentary that spans over 2 hours on the second disc which covers just about everything you can imagine. And then some! Did you know comedic directing legend Mel Brooks was a silent producer on the Fly films? Or that Cronenberg was working on Total Recall at the time THE FLY was set to begin production? Or that the original director Robert Bierman was forced to drop out last minute after the tragic death of his daughter? Everything is documented in this wonderful & engrossing featurette. There’s also infamous deleted scenes such as the much-talked about cat-monkey scene and an alternate ending. There’s teasers, trailers, more featurettes, and just about anything else you can think of. You want more, you say? How about the original short story ‘THE FLY’, the original draft of the script and Cronenberg’s script for the film? And a commentary track by David Cronenberg! Again, this is a must-own disc! Buy it now! – robg.

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