Fly 2, The

Story: The Fly 2 continues the story of David Cronenberg’s THE FLY as we follow Seth Brundle’s son, Martin Brundle, who’s aging and growing at a geometric rate. (At 5, he looks like a full grown adult) A bunch of scientists who keep Martin under a close watchful eye are eagerly awaiting the inevitable transformation of him into a fly. But once transformed, will Martin seek out revenege against his captors?
The Film Itself: The 2nd FLY film is actually helmed by Chris Walas, who was responsible for all the fantastic special make-up effects of the first Fly movie. He does a decent job, as THE FLY 2 is actually a pretty underrated sequel! Not as classic as Cronenberg’s masterpiece but still worthy of the special edition treatment. Eric Stoltz plays Martin Brundle, the son of scientist Seth Brundle from the first film. He’s growing up too fast (literally) & being pushed by a group of scientists to continue & finish his father’s work. He falls in love with Daphne Zuniga (who wouldn’t?!) and sure enough – begins to transform into a giant fly. The story this time is still intriguing and the effects are also pretty bad ass. (An elevator head crush ala the original FLY & a melted face! Gory bliss!)
Special Features: The features aren’t as extensive as they are for the first FLY disc, but then again, there wasn’t as much history going into this film as there was for the first flick. Still, there’s one 50 minute documentary covering the entire making of process. They talk about everything from casting (Mel Brooks recommended his Spaceballs star Daphne Zuniga), to special effects, to deleted scenes and bringing on board composer Christopher Young (most famous for his operatic Hellraiser score). There’s also a great featurette titled ‘The Fly Papers: The Buzz on Hollywood’s Scariest Insect’ which talks about the history of all 4 FLY movies. There’s plenty of extras on here, including an original featurette from 1989, trailers, film journals and a commentary by director Chris Walas. Overall, this is a worthwhile investment. If you’re a fan of the FLY films, then as a completist, you should add both FLY special editions to your collection! – robg.

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