Fangoria Blood Drive Volume 2

After the success of the first Fangoria Blood Drive compilation, the fine folks from Fango & Koch are back giving us yet another batch of horror shorts from the top up & coming genre filmmakers. First up, we’ve got ‘We All Fall Down’ by Jake Kennedy. Although the story follows familiar horror genre territory, it’s just done so darned well! A group of friends accidentally kill this little Asian girl and try to cover up the deed. 5 years pass & they end up at the abandoned power plant where they hid the body – only to find a very pissed off ghost!!! This short definitely takes the prize as the film with the best production value, which includes an amazing 5.1 soundtrack. Very cool visuals as well, and excellent usage of plastic wrap. Jake’s making a full length of this, so he’s a future Icon to look out for. Next up is ‘The Gibbering Horror Of Howard Ghormley’ by Steve Daniels. This is a great old school black & white creeper shot in 8 mm. The look, the tone, the wonderful shots all benefit the story of this stand out flick. I love the sound design & the twist ending. Yet another stand out short. Things get a bit sicker when Solet & Jake Hamilton’s ‘Means To An End’ comes on. This flat out gory, black comedy is about two fx artists trying to break into the biz by making a snuff film of them killing each other. Literally! ‘Means To An End’ is a hilarious, and sick gross out of a film. Best usage of a cheese graiter EVER! And it’s a nice change of pace from the other films on the disc. If you’re a sick fuck (like I am) then this flick will make you laugh out loud. The DVD takes another tone change with Adam Barnick’s excellent short ‘Mainstream’. In fact, I’ll be bold enough to say that Mainstream is my favorite short from the entire Blood Drive disc. Why? The simplicity of it is what makes it uncomfortable to watch. Especially when that first needle comes jolting down and we hear that terrifying, sustained scream from the main character. Needles. Creepy eyeless doctors. An operating table. Ingredients to horrorify in my book! Then it concludes with a bit of social commentary, leaving you – the viewer to decide exactly what you think it all means. Like the rest of the bunch here, Adam Barnick’s a filmmaker I can’t wait to see more from. BC Furtney’s ‘Disposer’ is next and quite frankly – it plays like a sick 5 minute joke! Hell, at least he got a hot chick for the phone sex sequence. (Trust me, it’s not what you think.) He’s the one filmmaker to have a feature on both Blood Drive discs. In fact, I believe the female lead was on the front cover to the Blood Drive Volume 1 DVD. For you sicko’s that will laugh at ‘Means To An End’, you should be satisfied with the ending of this short as well. ‘The Journal Of Edmond Deyers’ by William Rot is up next and Will brings us some new style horror with unique visuals and an equally cool story. I enjoy the quick cuts, and uncomfortable sound thru-out this feature. And it proves yet again, that dreaded dude’s are scary. ‘Sawbones’ by Brad Palmer is the first in the Blood Drive pack to be a period piece and it’s an effective, sick and very well made short. I couldn’t help but laugh after the first soldier’s operation and you’ll see why when you see it for yourself. Last but certainly not least is ‘Working Stiff’ by Erik A. Candiani. Another short with a touch of social commentary in regards to the average work day, and a visual delight. I’m a huge comic book fan, so I really love the transitions between film and comic book panels. (Or were they storyboards?) It’s got some great funny moments too, but Erik… Damn you for the dog! (Again, you’ll get it when you see it.) Overall, every single short film on this DVD is pretty darned cool. So, I recommend giving it a chance, because folks… these are your upcoming Icons Of Fright in the making.
Special Features: There’s a great commentary track thru-out the duration of all the shorts by Kock Vision’s Tim Hinsley & Fangoria editor Tony Timpone. (Tony’s first commentary track ever!) Aspiring filmmakers & future Blood Drivers should definitely give this commentary a listen, as both speakers tell why they selected this year’s winners for the Blood Drive DVD. On top of the commentary, we’ve got a candid interview with Bruce Campbell. He covers a lot of great stuff, spanning from his personal life, writing, his Evil Dead experiences and more. It’s cut together with a fast pace, so the 12 minute featurette will fly by and keep you laughing. There’s also an entertaining featurette with the fine folks at KNB FX for all you aspiring make-up artists out there. The only downside is the interactive menus hosted by FUSE TV’s Mistress Juliya. They claimed she watched these flicks, but I doubt it! She just doesn’t seem too natural introducing these guys movies. But whatever, that’s what the fast forward option is for! 😉 – robg.

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