Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Story: After reading aloud a few passages from the book of the dead, Ash awakens an ancient evil force in the woods, which stalks him & the few visitors at the secluded cabin. Can he fend off the evil dead and save himself? Or will the evil spirits shallow their souls?!
The Film Itself: Evil Dead 2 is my absolute favorite of the 3 Evil Dead films. Oddly enough, it serves as both a sequel and remake to the original, as we find Ash and his girlfriend Linda visiting that damned cabin in the woods again. (Ash wouldn’t be stupid enough to go back there after Part 1, now would he?) Sam Raimi’s direction here is top notch as he throws every single camera gag possible at us. And Bruce holds his own with his slap-stick fighting and acting. I mean, how many other actor’s out there can carry the whole first half of a movie by themselves? (And do a back flip?) Only Bruce, baby! The Evil Dead 2 DVD is an absolute must-own for anyone who calls themselves a horror fan!
Special Features: Folks, you’re in for a treat. To be quite frank, Evil Dead 2 has THE best commentary track on DVD. Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Scott Spiegel and Greg Nicotero chime in and pretty much point out all the mistakes they made in Evil Dead 2. The track is all in good fun and they constantly torment each other, while explaining how a lot of gags took place. It’s by far the funniest commentary I’ve ever heard and I find it difficult to watch this movie now without it. There’s also a wonderful making-of feature from the boys at KNB, which has got so much great behind the scenes footage. You really feel like you’re just watching your buddies make a movie when you watch Sam & Bruce. Evil Dead 2 is special and this DVD only celebrates that with honors. Buy it now if you don’t already own it! – robg.

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  1. this is one of the greatest horror movies of all time, Bruce Campbell is King of the deadites. all hail the king!!!!!!!!

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