Evil Dead 2: Book of the Dead Edition

From a collector geeks standpoint this is an absolutely must own edition. From your typical “I already own the movie” viewer, there is some argument to not picking this up. If you own the first “Book Of The Dead” and you aren’t a diehard, that fact that this is a different sculpt and screams when you press the eye may not be enough to shell out the extra money again. For those of you not aware, the movie comes packaged in a “book” style casing that mimics the Necronomicon from the film. It was recreated by movie special effects guru Tom Sullivan, and in the case of this version, has a voice chip that activates when you press the front cover. The interior has a recreated set of pages that are supposed to be the pages displayed in the movie. Sullivan also painstakingly recreated these for optimal effect. The packaging is beautiful and really makes the edition fit the “special” tag. In regards to the disc itself, there is some hits and misses. The film is presented in a widescreen version that is as pristine a print as you will ever see. The new Divimax mastering makes for that next level viewing that is the top of the current technology. Here is where things get a little wishy washy. The audio commentary is the same one as the last version of the movie from the limited edition “tin” release. The ‘Gore The Merrier’ documentary was also on that edition as well as the bio’s and trailers. ‘Evil Dead 2- Behind The Screams’ is new, but only about twelve minutes long. What you lose from that edition is the booklet that was in the packaging, the still gallery, and the reproduction of the original UK poster art. In both cases you give and take on the actual disk content. But, that was the limited version. On the regular version, there is less difference, featuring the horrible American cover and no booklet. Basically, if you don’t have the tin and the original book of the dead, you need this. The film, if you are not familiar with it is one of the, if not the, best horror/comedies ever. It features blood, demons, laughs, and Bruce Campbell getting the shit kicked out of film by future Spiderman director Sam Raimi. It is basically a remake of the original film, but with more intentional humor, a bigger budget, and a direct link to the story that becomes Army Of Darkness, where the original was self contained. A couple of young kids sneak away to a cabin in the woods and discover the works of an archaeologist that has translated the “Book of the Dead”. Ash (Campbell) unleashed the demons and spends the film fighting them through day, night and eventually time itself. It is a must see for anyone who even remotely likes horror movies or considers themselves comedy fans. No one dislikes this film, and if they do, their just morons. (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084) (DVD) – Myk

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