Dominator: The Animated Movie

As a fan of metal, horror films and animated movies, this film had my name written all over it. It features the voice of Dani from Cradle of Filth, Doug Bradley (Pinhead from Hellraiser), Ingrid Pitt (Hammer Horror fame), Alex Cox and even writer Robert Rankin (similar to Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams). The soundtrack features a title cut from Cradle and the rest is a total Death/Black Metal soundtrack showcasing about a dozen underground bands (none I have heard of though). The disc features as bonus material, interviews with all the voice talent as well as creators like comic book legend, and head writer on this film, Alan Grant. It also features a shock historical documentary on the creation of Dominator and even a video for one of the songs from the soundtrack. Then there is the movie, which is about the patron Archangel of Heavy Metal coming from the sonic pits of Hell. Like I said, this had the makings of a masterpiece. Basically, a group of young girls, who play in a metal band and whose father works for the British Government in their Occult studies department, steal a book from their father which holds the music to free ‘Dominator’ from the pits of Hell. Thinking it is a myth, they play the song and unlock a doorway to Hell, which ‘Dominator’ comes through and he brings with him the key of Hell. He stole it from ‘Desekrator’ who stole it from Lucifer. ‘Desekrator’ sends his demon horde to recover the key and a raging battle erupts through London. In the process, ‘Dominator’ meets a half bred human-demon, who turns out to be a hot female with wings that likes to get laid. He also falls for one of the members of the band, but ends up shagging two. It leads to several uneasy points through the story. The story for the film is solid enough. The animation on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired. I am not a huge computer animation fan. It has to be ILM or Pixar quality for me to be interested. This looks more like that bad Saturday morning show ‘Reboot’ with its overly bright colors, the unnatural movements and the lack of detail. At times it becomes hard to watch, and at times it just looks ridiculous because of the presence of inhuman body positioning. While you get some of the cool concepts that they are trying to portray, some of the things just looked downright silly, like villains ‘Extricator’ and ‘Decimator’ which were more comical looking than demonic. This is the first in what looks to be a serious of films. I am not crazy about this one, but if they can manage to improve the animation as they go along, I think this is a worthwhile character and storyline. (Music Video Distributors, P.O.B. 280, Oaks, PA 19456) – Myk.

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