Story: A precocious girl, her nasty parents, two punk-rockers, and a weak-kneed salesman inadvertently become the guests of two ghoulish senior citizens in a haunted mansion, filled with their demonic dolls!
The Film Itself: This is one of those films from the 80’s that I always remembered, but never got the chance to see back then. Well, I’m glad MGM put out a nice DVD release of it! It’s a fun pic! Very funny, and very entertaining. And of course, anything with dolls is creepy. And these filmmakers know their dolls. The film was produced by Full Moon head-honcho Charles Band, directed by Stuart Gordon and written by Ed Naha. (Troll and Chud 2, bud!) Lots of familiar faces here too. Guy Rolfe from Puppet Master 3: Toulon’s Revenge. Ian Patrick Williams, whom I remember from the pilot episode of Freddy’s Nightmares. Stephen Lee from Full Moon’s The Pit & The Pendulum, Ghoulies 3, and Robocop 2. He steals the show as the comic relief Ralph Morris. The doll effects are really good considering the time period. God, I prefer these effects over any of the GCI that gets done now in movies. I miss the innovative natural of the stories from this period in the horror genre. A haunted house with killer dolls & punk rockers. I love it. And so should you!
Special Features: This is one of MGM’s specially priced catalog titles, and surprisingly it’s got some great features. The disc boasts TWO audio commentary tracks. The first is with director Stuart Gordon and writer Ed Naha. The second is with members of the cast. There are also some storyboard to film comparisons, which are always interesting to check out. A photo gallery and the original theatrical trailer. (I love the trailers from the 80’s. They gave away everything but still made you want to see the flick.) This is a worthwhile DVD. – robg.

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