Doll Graveyard

Story: In a house shrouded in secrets, one boy discovers a 100 year old legacy buried in his backyard. Soon after his discovery, the soul of a dead girl starts to possess him and ressurect a small posse of killer dolls!
The Film Itself: The 2nd release from returning genre fave Charles Band and his Full Moon entertainment! You’d figure the master of horror dolls would deliver something stellar with ‘Doll Graveyard’… but sadly, this isn’t a very good movie. Like all the other new Full Moon features, this one clocks in at about an hour (minus the 10 minutes of end credits). There’s just too many mistakes to overlook. For example, the back of the box says the story starts in 1905, but in the actual movie, the subtitle at the beginning reads 1911. So… this little girl breaks a plate (or something) while playing with her dolls, her bastard father freaks out, and makes her dig a hole to bury the dolls in the backyard. While digging, she slips and supposedly breaks her neck. What’s the bastard father do? He looks left. Looks right. And thinks… “Hmm… no one saw this. Guess I’ll just bury her with the dolls.” After that, it’s present time, the new kid living in the house finds the dolls and all hell breaks loose. Sorta. He starts getting possessed by the dead girls spirit, and the dolls come to life and start killing all the guys in the house. (Yes, guys. All the females make it in this one. Sadly.) So, what’s good about this flick? There are a few redeemable factors. For one, the music is really good. I truly dug the score by Disctrict 78. Also, this movie’s very funny. (In some sections intentionally, in other sections unintentionally) And the dolls look pretty darned cool. My main tift with the dolls is their eyes! They use terrible CGI to make their eyes blink! Why, God? Why? The coolest things about dolls is how creepy they look because we KNOW they are not alive. The CGI blinking eyes throws it way off. If your a fan of Puppet Master 4 & 5, then I guess I’d recommend renting this bad-boy to see for yourself.
Special Features: Like the other discs, the special features are pretty darned cool. We get the usual making-of featurette and bloopers. At least we get more insight into their intentions with the movie in the making of segment. So, that’s cool. There’s also some trailers. I really long for some Charles Band commentary tracks. You folks at Full Moon listening?! – robg.

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