Dog Eat Dog

I love Jayne Mansfield unconditionally. In my book she ranks number two on my favorite classic list of woman in entertainment behind Bettie Paige and just about Linda Carter and Carrie Fisher. These are women I encountered at a young age and their beauty and characters left such a mark that few if any have even come close. Bettie Paige and Jayne Mansfield are famous for being themselves though and separates them from Princess Leia and Wonder Woman. Even when acting in roles, Mansfield was the bubbly blonde than always ended up in the given situation based on her buxom looks and not her brains. In Dog Eat Dog, Mansfield plays Darlene, one of three bank robbers that is caught in a love triangle with Lylle and Dolph, her cohorts in crime. That is until those two turn on each other and both try to get Darlene to seduce the other into doing what they want. Of course, the in keeper at the B & B they were staying out found out who they were and decides to steal the money for himself. The acting isn

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