Devil’s Rejects, The: Rob G’s Review

Sorry, folks, but on this site, you are going to hear this over & over again. I was not a fan of House Of 1000 Corpses. (read my review here). Don’t get me wrong… I like Rob Zombie. I’m a fan of his and I was soooo looking forward to his first feature. But at the end of the day, it just wasn’t a good movie. So, I expected next to nothing when I went to see ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ and what I got was quite possibly one of the best films of the past decade. I LOVE this movie. Rob REALLY stepped up in EVERY possible way for this flick. The editing, the transitions, the music, the actors (cameo’s that die-hard genre fans should ALL recognize) and he does what horror movies are supposed to do – he makes you feel completely uncomfortable. No offense to those who are fans of the main characters, but they are murderer’s. Psychos. You are NOT supposed to be rooting for them. And the thing I love is that Rob completely fucks with your feelings and doesn’t stop until the end of the film. No one could POSSIBLY feel comfortable watching Otis degrate Gloria (an amazing performance by Three’s Company’s Priscilla Barnes. Amazing!) And you don’t know HOW to feel when Otis takes Roy & Adam out into the desert to kill them. Bill Mosely delivers one of the best pieces of dialogue during that uncomfortable scene. Later, the Reject’s get caught and tortured, and by golly, I almost feel sorry! Almost. And when they escape I go back to feeling horrible that I gave them sympathy. So, what does Rob Zombie do? He hits us with one of my all time favorite endings in recent cinematic history. That is all I will say about the movie itself! As every review will say, both Bill Mosely AND Sid Haig are light years beyond what they did with these roles in ‘House’. Other actor’s I love? William Forsythe. As Rob says in his commentary, he’s one of those actors from the school of actors like Lee Marvin. Just old school. No offense to the lovely Karen Black, but man oh man, Leslie Easterbrook RULED that freakin’ role as Mother Firefly. (THAT’S the big-boobed chick from the Police Academy movies?! Really?!) It was great seeing both Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead) & Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes) doing very different roles from what we’re used to seeing them in. Dare I say they were hilarious together? Well, they were. Over all, The Devil’s Rejects is one brutal, unrelenting, excellently made film. And I loved every sick second of it.
Special Features: Now THIS is a special edition DVD!!! I went first to the 2nd disc, which features an extensive 2 and a half hour documentary covering the entire making of the film. It’s really an excellent way for us to see the entire process come together. From the first table read to literally seeing each day in the 30 day shoot. This alone would have made this DVD stellar, but head on back to disc one and there’s plenty more waiting for you. We’ve got a handful of deleted and extended scenes. (Among them, a scene with the infamous Dr. Satan) The Dr. Satan sequence is pretty cool, but I’m glad he’s not in this movie. His character was one of the main problems I had with movie number one. There’s some cool commercial & show segments, a Buck Owens video (classic!), trailers & tv spots. And two full commentaries. I listened to the Rob Zombie commentary which is excellent and very informative on how everything was done. The one thing that surprised me is that between the commentary on this and the first film, he tends to point out more mistakes in Devil’s Rejects, whereas I personally feel it’s the superior film. Still, really entertaining. There’s a cast commentary but I haven’t gotten to that yet. Can’t wait. Just go. Go buy this. It’s a must own DVD. And if you get it at Best Buy, it includes an exclusive comic book with more backstory on the Firefly family. – robg.

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