Desperate Souls

Desperate Souls is one of the films in a long line from Lion’s Gate that has a lot of potential and isn’t realized because of either the acting or the budget. With the exception of Ben Mckenzie, who apparently was on ‘The O.C.’, the cast is entirely unknown. A group of orphans find themselves infatuated with the occult. When they discover an ancient Druid book, they figure out how to resurrect themselves and get revenge on those who abandoned them. With the help of one reluctant orphanage resident, five kids sacrifice/ commit suicide/ execute themselves inside of a sacred circle. The next five people to step into this area will be possessed by their spirits and then will enact their ultimate revenge. When a group of five friends go camping in the woods, they unfortunately find this area. Which is now protected by the last remaining orphan, who attacks people with a shovel, Yeah, a shovel. So Nick, his found brother Lex, his girlfriend and the final member of the camping party proceed to try and stop the murdering, possessed kids. The shooting is a bit amateurish, but not bad. The acting for the most part is bad, you find yourself looking for good bits, as opposed to saying “that was a bad part”. The story is there, but could have used a serious rewrite to make it a bit more interesting and get rid of some of the slow parts. The dvd has nothing extra on it feature wise and only features a 2.0 soundtrack. The film makers have a future ahead of them and I would like to see where they go from here. (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) – Myk.

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