Dawn of the Dead: Unrated Directors Cut (2004)

Story: A remake of the classic George Romero sequel to Night Of The Living Dead. After a zombie outbreak, a small group of survivors hole up in a local mall. But with the numbers of zombies growing outside and supplies running low, the group must formulate a plan in order to survive.
The Film Itself: We all know this is based on Romero’s classic film of the same name, so you’re already walking into this with some kind of expectation. The good news is, this isn’t all that bad! And the only similarity it shares to the original is the name and the fact that this take place in a mall also. Other then that, it should pack it’s fair share of surprises & suspense. Yes, the zombies are actually fast and they run in this, but you can overlook that after the kick-ass opening 15 minutes to the film. In fact, if I may be so bold, the opening to this film is quite possibly the best opening to a zombie flick EVER. How ’bout the rest though? Well, it’s ok. It’s not great, but it’s interesting enough, the characters are fairly memorable (especially good old Andy from across the street) and the pacing is fast, just like the zombies. Once you sit thru it once and know it’s secrets, it doesn’t hold up as well on repeat viewings. Yea, it’s fun and nothing can top that opening, but compared to the original Dawn Of The Dead, which most fans can pop in and watch at any time, this just isn’t the same.
Special Features: There’s a good slew of features added to this DVD. Now, are they good special features? Not really. The best bit is the making-of featurettes with the make-up department showing how they pulled off some of the movie’s gory gags. The other features such as Andy’s lost footage & some news casts (most of it all filmed with video) is literally almost unwatchable. There’s a commentary on here, but I honestly haven’t listened to it yet. Director Zack Snyder seems like a pretty cool dude from the interviews & he did show respect to the original, so I give him props for that. I’m looking forward to how this guy handles an original project. Overall, this one’s a keeper for the actual movie and making-of features. – robg.

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