Dark Harvest 2: The Maze

Dark Harvest 2 supposedly won an award at the NY International Film and Video Festival. If that is true, I would hate to see what it beat. This movie was terrible. It was shot on video, most of the time without a tripod so it is shaky as hell and of the 88 minutes that make up the film, I think 80 were spent in a cornfield. The concept is that an unknown murderer killed a couple of sisters in the cornfield in the previous year. This year they do a “haunted” maze in that same field and the ghosts of the girls are haunting it. Walker has a premonition of his two daughters in trouble and runs to the maze to help them. He encounters the ghosts and tries to help release them from their haunting situation while also saving his daughters and running from the cops who think he’s nuts. Nothing ever happens in this film. The effects are very poor and the acting isn’t much better. This isn’t even a bad movie made from a good idea, it’s just bad. This is the kind of movie that makes it so hard to pick which films you want to see because you have seen one like this way too often. There is a making of segment as a bonus feature, which is good because you now know how not to do things. (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) – Myk.

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