Story: A group of teenagers at a boarding school decide to make-up an elaborate story about a “killer” after learning of the murder of one of their classmates. Now, someone is stalking these kids. Could it be the “real” killer?
The Film Itself: I’m really surprised by how decent & smart this film is! The problem was the way it was marketed, because I assure you this isn’t a typical slasher flick. Far from it. It’s actually more of a well-written thriller/drama. The story follows lead character Owen (played by Julian Morris) as he just transfers into a new school. His new group of friends like to play “the lie game” and see who they can trick into believing their lies. Owen has the hotts for Dodger (Wait ’til you see her. Who wouldn’t?!) and the two create an elaborate back story for a campus serial killer, which they base on the recent murder of a fellow classmate. Along the way, there are some twists and turns and some scares. Could the real killer be acting out their predications of all their classmates deaths? The beautiful Lindy Booth (also from the recent Dawn Of The Dead remake) plays lead gal Dodger. Jared Padalecki (from the recent House Of Wax) co-stars. And stop traffic… Jon Bon Jovi plays a college professor. I recommend watching this flick. I was entertained by it.
Special Features: This disc is supposedly the unrated cut, but honestly I didn’t see too much graphic material in the film that would force it to be a “hard” R. What’d they release this film as anyways? A PG-13? I don’t remember. Anyways, we get to see some deleted & extended scenes, complete with filmmaker commentary, along with original audition tapes. Also with commentary. The highlight is two short films by filmmaker’s Beau Bauman & director Jeff Wadlow. It’s always interesting for me to see where these filmmakers started out. – robg.

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