Criminally Insane

One of my favorite 70’s trash films EVER, EVER, EVER! It’s an absolute crap cinema fans big fat wet dream of a movie. It stars the amazing Priscilla Alden as Ethel Janowski, aka “Crazy Fat Ethel”. She’s 250 pounds, very unstable, very fresh out of the institution, and very, very hungry. She moves in with her sister and her grandmother after recovering from a nervous breakdown. One day Grandma tires of watching Ethel slowly kill herself by eating 2 pounds of bacon and 10 eggs a day so she locks up the fridge and all the cabinets. Ethel flips. Murders the hell out of Grandma and the carnage just doesn’t stop there! It’s all shot in this quiet, low-budget style, and for some reason it reminds me of “Taxi Driver” with a fat woman who meat cleavers people over ice cream. So politically incorrect by today’s standards, I can’t help but love this one more and more everytime I see it.
And you want Special Features? The Shock-o-Rama DVD release is AMAZING! Here’s what you get: Unbelievable commentary track from the director, Nick Phillips, and trash film historian 42nd Street Pete, a making-of interview with Nick Phillips, another interview with Nick Phillips and Priscilla Alden. You also get 2 additional feature films directed by Phillips: “Satan’s Black Wedding”, a Satanist/vampire flick from 1975, and you also get “Criminally Insane 2”. Haven’t watched “Satan’s Black Wedding” but “Criminally Insane 2” is a shot-on-video dud from ’87 with too many flashbacks, but both have great historical value to trash cinema fans. Amazingly all on one great looking disc! Highly recommended buy! – mikec.

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