I didn’t expect much from this film. The package looked a little dodgy, and I have seen so many bad direct to video films, I just couldn’t handle another. This was nothing like that. The plot is simple, sort of. Hector (Brad Hunt, Blow and Magnolia) and Dorena (upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel) are speed freaks. Hector has stolen a batch of chemicals from dealers he was working for and Dorena is an experienced cooker (thus the name). They hide out in an abandoned house in the town that Hector grew up in to avoid the dealer’s wrath. They don’t ever leave the house and pretty much fortify it from everything and everyone. The exception to this is Hector’s childhood buddy Merle (Patrick McGaw, Basketball Diaries) who gets the couple food and supplies in exchange for some of the dope. Well, after being locked up with all those chemicals for an extended period of time, and the fact the two have no self control at all, you can imagine the deterioration of body and mind. Weird things start to happen, like voices and visions. The things is, are they just hallucinations, or is the house haunted? It is a class A PSA for not doing drugs whichever the answer is. The acting is top notch, and the house they used to film in is fucking spooky. This is one of those overlooked gems that you need to look for. It follows in a long line of movies like ‘Rush’, ‘Blow’ and ’21 Grams’, except throws in that horror curve ball to take on a life of it’s own. There are no bonus features on the disc, but you are going to want to watch it more than once to try and figure out what is really going on. (Ardustry Home Entertainment, 21250 Califa Street, Suite 102, Woodland Hills, CA 91367) – Myk.

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