Club Dread: Unrated Cut

Story: The Broken Lizard guys (last seen in Supertroopers) are back with this homage to 80’s slasher flicks. A tropical resort turns deadly, when a maniac starts slaughtering the staff one by one. Who could the killer be? And what connection does he have to resort founder Tropical Pete? Or new arrival & masseuse Lars? If any? Only time will tell!
The Film Itself: First off, I love Supertroopers. And I love Broken Lizard. So, I knew one way or another, I’d find some enjoyment out of this movie. Especially throwing the horror element in. Now, is it good? It’s OK! It’s far from a “great” horror film, but hey… for what it is, which is more of a horror/comedy, it’s not bad. There’s some really good gory bits, and cool shots. (Like the spinning decapitated head shot in the beginning) There’s humorous characters and unbelievably hot chicks. (I would do ANYTHING to be in the same room as Brittany Daniel!) While, I did enjoy this, the biggest problem I have is with the last 20 or so minutes of the movie. It becomes a ridiculous, cliqued “horror” film spoof, but to the umpteenth degree. Now, I know this is a comedy at heart, but up until the killer’s reveal, I took this movie seriously! I mean, Broken Lizard, super hot chicks, Bill Paxton, some gory kills. This has all the makings of a horror-comedy classic. But once they go overboard, it’s too far to come back and it’s a shame. I’m not sure how the Broken Lizard camp themselves feel about horror (were they making fun of us?) but regardless, I think they’re funny chaps and I enjoy their brand of entertainment. I’d only recommend this if you’re already a fan of Supertroopers and also into horror. You’ll find it entertaining. True horror purists will only anger themselves.
Special Features: This edition of the DVD is actually the “unrated director’s cut” with 15 extra minutes of footage. (Making the movie run about 15 minutes too long!) Regardless, I’m a DVD collector and I must have director’s cuts of everything! I love deleted scenes. On top of the extra footage in the movie, there’s a series of 22 deleted/extended scenes with optional commentary. There’s also a full length commentary by the Broken Lizard camp on the feature itself. (I haven’t watched it yet, but the one they did for Supertroopers was very entertaining, so I plan on checking this out sooner or later). I personally dug this flick, and it’s available for dirt cheap. I’d advise most peeps to approach with caution! -robg.

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