Cemetery Man: Myk’s Review

Featuring Rupert Everett as a cemetery caretaker, this ranks right up there with Shaun Of The Dead and Dead Alive in the funny horror genre. This was originally released in 1994 as Dellamorte Dellamore and has been floating around as bootlegs on the horror circuit. This is the first official US release, and it is so worth it. Directed by Michele Soavi, the spoof sees Francesco Dellamore ( Everett) as the caretaker in a cemetery where the dead are coming back to life. He and his mentally deficient sidekick, Gnaghi, are the only line of the defense for the town. The shit really hits the fan when the Mayors daughter is killed and Gnaghi falls in love with her reincarnated corpse. The other odd love story of the film involves Francesco and a slew of different women all played by Anna Falchi, and all who rip his heart out. There is no denying this film is twisted. It

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