Cannibal Holocaust: 25th Anniversary Edition

Story: Cannibal Holocaust is the “found footage” of a group of documentary filmmakers who experience brutal deaths at the hands of a savage South American tribe of flesh-eaters!!!
The Film Itself: If you’re even vaguely familiar with the horror genre, then it’s impossible not to have heard of arguably one of the most notorious exploitation films ever made. Banned just about everywhere for it’s realism, the director and producer were arrested upon the films original release! What’s all the fuss about? Animal violence. The movie follows Professor Moore back in New York who is evaluating the last footage shot by the missing documentary crew, who were killed by a tribe of cannibals, essentially for being typical, American assholes. It’s an interesting film stylistically – cutting back & forth between the NY footage and “actual” documentary footage. The kicker is that there are a number of sequences in which animals are killed on camera, and they ARE all real. Disturbing as it is, it eventually leads to a very effective, graphic & brutal ending. Is it a good movie? It’s a good idea for a film. The one thing that’s kept people away from this movie is the animal violence. This DVD edition gives you the option to watch it with those scenes removed. BUT for all those completists, a completely uncut, restored edition is also present on this disc. Which leads us to the features…
Special Features: Grindhouse Releasing have done an INCREDIBLE job with this packed special edition DVD. The film itself is digitally restored and offers a number of different ways to watch and hear the movie. I enjoyed the commentary track by director Ruggero Deodato & star Robert Kerman, which sounds like it was recorded during a live screening/Q & A of the film with an audience. Although, Ruggero begins his commentary in Italian, rest assured that after a few minutes, it kicks into English. Both Ruggero and Kerman offers tons of stories, thoughts, rather different opinions on just about every aspect of the film. And occasionally we hear a question from the audience. Ruggero mentions how he wished he could just remove the animal violence sequences, so people can enjoy the film on it’s own merit. The 2nd disc is filled to the brim with goodies. There are plenty of interview segments – some brand new, some older, original theatrical trailers, and more. There’s a Necrophagia video with a band introduction, which isn’t the greatest quality (or even all that good) but regardless it’s here for the die-hard fans who want everything with this release. Bonus points for the awesome packaging, which when opened looks like two lost film reels. This is essential – a must-own DVD for any horror fan or DVD enthusiast. – robg.

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