Candyman: Special Edition

Story: While writing a thesis, Helen Lyle uncovers an urban legend amongst the locals who goes by the name, Candyman. The tale tells of an evil entity that appears when you speak his name in the mirror five times. Can Candyman really exist? All evidence points to it being a reality when murders start happening. But the police don’t believe in folklore and Helen is being charged with the grisly crimes. Is surrendering herself completely to the Candyman her only salvation?
The Film Itself: The movie was definitely a pleasant surprise for the horror genre upon its initial release, and added Candyman to the ever-growing roaster of new horror icons. Adapted from an original story by Clive Barker called “The Forbidden”, writer/director Bernard Rose does a great job of building a scary, suspenseful, and moody little horror film. There are some genuine good scares through out and the always-beautiful Virginia Madsen (yes, Michael Madsen’s sister) is great from start to finish. From her skeptical point of view in the beginning to her mental and later emotion breakdown over her marriage and the murders, she delivers the entire movie. (And let’s face it… she’s very beautiful, hence pleasant on the eyes.) Tony Todd’s portrayal of the Candyman is dead-on and was probably vital to the success and believability to the character. This is a clear example of a quality film to come out for the genre in the early 90’s.
Special Features: This disc is lacking in special features, but of course NOW there IS a special edition version. This disc offers a widescreen and standard format and a theatrical trailer. However, it’s a fairly inexpensive disc and hence makes it a worthwhile investment. The picture is good through out the duration of the movie with the exception of the occasional grainy shot here and there. – robg.

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