Cabin Fever

Story: In this throwback to 70’s-80’s horror, a group of teens head into the woods for a weekend of drinking, smoking & partying and instead end up contracting a disgusting, deadly flesh-eating virus!
The Film Itself: Love it or hate it, you can NOT deny the passion of Eli Roth and this film. Me, personally? I love this movie. And that’s because one of the few things I fear in life is catching something horrible that spreads. And the whole flesh eating virus thing… creeps me out! A gory little throwback to old school horror, Cabin Fever is far from classic, but for the time it was released, it was a much needed breathe of fresh air. And following The Blair Witch Project, it gave Lions Gate quite a track record for taking true horror seriously! All the acting is pretty solid, and I love Eli’s appearance as the pot-totting Grim. There’s so much nasty gory fun in here too. The bath tub shave! Karen in the barn! The puking blood! Absolutely horrific! And don’t get me started on that little bastard screaming “PANCAKES”. (Which my buddy Steve is convinced is the cure to the cabin fever disease). All I wonder is… in the hospital scene, what’s with the giant rabbit? An homage to Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko, perhaps?! Who knows. But regardless, Cabin Fever is a worthy screening. Bring on HOSTEL!!!
Special Features: Now this is a fun and different kind of special edition. No worries, folks. You’ll get your making of featurette and a slew of commentaries. But how about Eli Roth’s early shorts The Rotten Fruit?! We get a series of 3 hilarious shorts that just go to show that this filmmakers’ humor was always evident in his work. Even funnier is the “Family Friendly Version” of Cabin Fever, with an introduction by Eli Roth. (And which clocks in at about 3 minutes). Then, there’s Pancakes! A featurette where we get to see little Dennis (Matthew Helms) pull off some crazy kung-fu maneuvers. All in all, this is an extremely entertaining DVD and worthy of your time. -robg.

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