Story: It’s actually a lot more complicated and involved than it seems on the surface, but I’m supposed to sum these things up in one sentence: Cockroachs that can produce fire out of their assholes emerge from the earth’s crust. From the director of “Jaws 2” and the producer of “The Tingler”.
The Film Itself: I know what you’re thinking already but you have to give this movie a chance. Sure, without a doubt it’s a grade-A certifiable piece of crap cinema, but if you’re going to watch a movie about fiery-assed cucarachas, then this is certainly the movie you want to watch, as it’s certainly one of the better killer bug movies I’ve seen. What I really enjoyed was that as I watched these cockroaches setting fire to cars (three times–THREE times) and burning down some Southwestern town (why do all these environmental disaster movies take place in some southwestern town?) I thought to myself, “This movie is over the top!”. Then, the second half of the movie, after the cockroaches (because of air pressure ) explode begins to unfurl. That would be the parts where the depressed scientist decides to breed them with common house cockroaches because they killed his wife. Yea, I don’t get it. (Hey, Rob G: I promise if you are ever mauled by a blind fire-breathing tiger from the center of the earth, I will not try to breed one with a housecat). Needless to say, that’s when this movie gets really kooky.
You can buy this DVD at spookydudes.com. It’s some VHS transfer, but I get a cheap thrill out of watching these terrible 70’s movies just the way I remember them. When you’ve got a movie with cockroaches forming sentences on some guys wall, you really don’t need widescreen and 5.1 digital sound, you know? – mike c.

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