Bubba Ho-Tep

Story: An ancient Mummy force has awakened & is sucking the souls out of the old people in an eastern Texas rest home. It’s up to the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley (who switched with an impersonator) and his friend Jack (a black JFK) to team up and kick mummy ass!
The Film Itself: Hail to the King, baby! Very rarely does a movie like this come around and hit on so many levels. (and i mean that in a good way!) Based on the really wacky short story by Joe R. Lansdale and written & directed by Phantasm’s Don Coscarelli, it’s hard to pin point exactly what kind of movie Bubba Ho-Tep is. There’s a mummy, so it’s horror, right? But it’s about an old Elvis & a black JFK, so it’s a comedy, right? It’s all of that and more! The movie itself is original, creepy, very funny, and often touching. The touching elements of the film go to both the acting & to the GREAT score by Brian Tyler. (who also did the music for Six-String Samurai) This is without doubt Bruce Campbell’s finest acting ever. As silly as it sounds for him to play an old Elvis, he pulls it off with the right touch of bitter sarcasm & touching humor which enables us to believe that he’s the real Elvis. Ossie Davis completly steals the show as Jack, Elvis’s only friend who thinks he’s the black JFK. Let me tell you, every moment you see how serious Ossie is on screen, you can believe that he IS JFK. Both of their performances, backed by the ongoing theme beautifully written & performed by Brian Tyler make for such an odd & different movie experience. This movie is really something special. Pick up the soundtrack & other cool Bubba items at Bubba Ho-Tep.com. Last but not least, we have to mention the creepy performance by stuntman turned Mummy, Bob Ivy who does a great job as the title character.
Special Features: After the long wait for the movie to hit theaters, the filmmakers have really gone out of their way to make this a special DVD release for all of us eager fans. Much like with any John Carpenter/ Kurt Russell commentary, any commentary involving Bruce Campbell you know is going to be a winner. He’s joined by writer/ director Don Coscarelli, and although it’s not as good as the Evil Dead 2 commentary, it’s very entertaining. It seems like Don & Bruce have a lot of respect for each other & they often talk about all aspects of the movie from inception to release to after the release. There is a 2nd commentary by “The King”, aka Bruce in character but it’s sadly not as good as the idea of it sounds. The King watching the movie has no idea what the movie’s about & is watching it for the first time. I was hoping it would’ve been Bruce in character as he was in the movie itself. However, the other features even everything out. 2 deleted scenes are included with optional commentary, and there are a few making of featurettes covering everything from the Mummy makeup to the music & Elvis wardrobe. We also have a trailer, tv spot, a music video by Brian Tyler, and a group of photos. Overall, a great packaged DVD for a film that deserves the special edition treatment. – robg.

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