Bride of Re-Animator

Story: Dr. Herbert West, Dr. Dan Cain, and the decapitated Dr. Carl Hill return in this sequel.
The Film Itself: The film tries to build onto the original Re-Animator, showing Herbert West and Dan Cain nine months after the Miskatonic hospital massacre in the first part. It starts with them working in Peru during one of there civil wars, still experimenting with the green life juice. Things get a little violent at the war, and the boys decide to return to the states, working at the hospital with the first massacre took place. What puzzled me about this part was, how the residency at the hospital had such an awful memory. They take up residence in a house that was once a mortuary, located next to a cemetery, and in the basement, the doctors continue their work with creating life, using various body parts from the hospital morgue. Herbert West proposes an idea that they create a woman using body parts from the mourge, and from the cemetary next to the house, and the body would be worked around the heart of Dan’s dead girlfriend, Meg, who died in the first one. New life. I did like this film, but felt little of what made the first so likeable. This movie wasn’t as good as the original, but it wasn’t bad. It moved very slowly at times, and I thought that it would never end. The gore factor is down from the first production, and so is the quality of zombies. It is typical for a sequel to not be as good as it’s original, and this one lives up that hype.
Special Features: n/a – Devin

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