Boogeyman: The Original 1980 Film

Story: Young Willy exacts revenge on the abusive boyfriend of his mother’s and murders him in bed, while his little sister Lacey watches on. Years later, traumatized by the horrific events, Willy & Lacey are convinced the evil spirit of their mother’s boyfriend is back. And released by a shattered mirror.
The Film Itself: God bless that golden age of horror that was the early ’80’s. This isn’t one of the best movies from that period, but it’s got that special vibe that all of the great early 80’s horror fare had. And it’s actually scary! What’s to enjoy? The creepy boyfriend with the pantyhose mask. The little kid, pulling off a murder (ala young Michael Myers). Willy grown up as the creepy mute. That damned mirror! The little kid calling out “Boogeyman! Boogeyman!” If you’re a completist like myself, and want to add to your slasher collection, you should pick this one up. Be thankful that this is WAY better then the horrible remake from last year.
Special Features: The disc comes with the full length feature ‘Return Of The Boogeyman’, which actually cuts in a lot of footage from part one. (Although not as shamelessly as say ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2’ – one of my all time faves!) I’m sure Mike c. would love this! As for the The Boogeyman feature itself, I believe it’s a mono soundtrack, but the pictures pretty clean for an older release. -robg.

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