Black Widow

Story/The Film Itself: Black Widow contains one of the strongest storylines that I have seen to date from Anime 18. While it is definitely a vehicle for the most extreme of sexual situations, the story that put this group of kids into their predicament was extremely well thought out. This film is like the Marquis DeSade meets Reform School Girls meets April Fools Day. A small group of teenagers go hiking in the woods only to get caught in the rain. Seiya, who is probably the most attractive of the group (and also the most timid) discovers what seems to be an abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods. Of course, no one is home and in typical Scooby-Doo fashion, the kids just walk in. Well, from the minute the kids walk into the mansion, all sexual hell breaks loose. Their bedrooms have been perfectly replicated in the house (no one knows how, and who would know what they looked like anyway). The doors have been locked and one by one, each kid is picked off and forced to do the most extreme of sexual torture. The worst of course, is for the one na

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