Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre

Basically, it goes like this. I like to think of myself as pretty worldly and well spoken in history. But I had never heard of the Nanking Massacre before. It doesn’t concern the United States, so it isn’t really surprising. What it was, in real life, was basically the Japanese Military doing to the Chinese what Hitler did to the Jews. It was horrible in every significant way with mass murders, firing squad, and scientific experiments on who ever and whenever they wanted. This film is the retelling of the events concerning a small group of Japanese soldiers and their particularly horrendous outlook and deeds during this occupation. With a combination of stunningly real film making, some real photos and some accounts from survivors, filmmaker T. F. Mou makes one of the truly disturbing films of his or any generation. While this will appeal to history buffs, beware. The gore, while subdued compared to real life (I can only imagine) is still incredibly hard to watch. The film is in stunning black and white and there is something about it that makes the killings far more realistic and thus offensive to the average viewer. Scenes like soldiers cutting off the heads of Chinese peasants just to see how sharp their swords are. Total disregard for life on multiple levels. The DVD is amazingly in depth as well, with real propaganda films, interviews and several ‘making of’ style pieces. I highly recommend this, but only if you can stomach it. (Unearthed Films, 7221 Captiva Circle, New Port Richey, FL 34655) – Myk.

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