Beyond Re-Animator

Story: Dr. Herbert West is imprisoned, and conducts experiments on the hurt prisoners.
The Film Itself: This movie takes place thirteen years after the events of Bride of Re-Animator, and Dr. Herbert West is in prison for his crimes. There is a new doctor at the prison, Dr. Howard Phillips, and he is interested in West’s prior studies before arrest. Apparently, Dr. Phillips was a first-hand witness to the results of West’s re-agent years ago, and has arrived to work with him on perfecting the formula. Their studies start to further progress to the discovery of electrical phenomena that could restore a dead person back to its normal state without the rage and violence. But, not everything goes to plan, thanks to a nosy reporter Phillips is seeing and the sadistic prison warden who’s catching on to West’s plans. This movie is probably the worst in the trilogy. It makes me laugh. There’s only one good scene, and that’s the massacre. Nothing else in this movie is good. It was shot with the look of a movie with a high production value, unlike the first two, but it is more modern, so it could be the age that the movie was shot in. The director should’ve re-animated the values of the first into the sequel and this one.
Special Features: n/a – Devin

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