Baptism of Blood

Story/The Film Itself: Baptism of Blood is a bit more extreme than you usually find on the Asia Pulp Cinema label. There are more blood and guts and this film delves far deeper into the pure horror genre than most of the films this company puts out. Matsuko is a beautiful actress who is in demand, and playing some very sensual and sexual roles. But she is also stricken with a physically debilitating disease which is slowly consuming her. It forces her to quit the business and become a bitter recluse who raises a daughter, Sakura, she had with some drifter of a man. But there is far more afoot in this scenario, including Matsuko’s doctor, who is obviously into some back alley types of medicine. Matsuko has raised the budding Sakura like a farmer would raise a veal calf. She is not allowed any physical sort of activity and even the slightest blemish on the young lady is greeted with the greatest of scorn. What is it that is in store for Sakura’s future? What is the machine that Matsuko’s doctor has left in her car for nearly twenty years? And what about the young piano teacher who is married with a child on the way, but obviously has unpure thoughts toward young Sakura? Why has he been given the charge of handling Matsuko’s estate if anything happens to her? All will be answered, and it is far more unsettling than the viewer might think. Unsettling in an ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ type of way.
Special Features: The DVD actually is a little light on extra features but the transfer of the film is pretty crisp and the sub-titles are fairly easy to read. This is a great rent for someone not familiar with the vast Asian film market. For those who follow more closely, I think this is one of Asian Pulp Cinema’s strongest titles, but if you are looking for the female fronted kung-fu titles they usually release, this is definitely not it. (Asia Pulp Cinema, 250 W 57th ST, Suite 317, New York, NY 10107) – Myk.

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