You know that a film by the Director of ‘Ichi The Killer’ is going to be disturbing, and it sure as hell is. Aoyama is a widower with a teenage son who is much too smart and independent for his own good. He believes that the time has come for his father to remarry and not spend his whole life in the office. In an attempt to actually meet someone, Aoyama enlists the help of his friend Yoshikawa, a film producer. They two set up a fake audition for a film in order to draw out exactly the type of woman that Aoyama is looking for. During the audition though, Aoyama has already fallen for Asami and he calls off the rest. She seems like the perfect woman. She is beautiful, shy and subservient, all qualities that Aoyama was looking for. That is until she disappears. Aoyama starts searching for her based on her interview information and starts running into odd stories, inconsistencies, and worse. Seems that everyone who has come in contact with Asami (if that is really her name) has not come out of the relationship the way they entered it. Aoyama is starting to lose grip on reality, seeing things, having horrible dreams, or are they even dreams? The ending is like a choose your own adventure book. What do you think really happened? It is very thought provoking and visually, it holds all the subtleness of a sledgehammer to the temple. Like all of Takashi Miike’s films, it has to be seen to be believed. Visually stunning and disturbing as few are. The bonus features of the film features an intro by the director, scene commentary, an interview with Ryu Murakama and the segment from Bravo’s ‘100 Scariest Movie Moments’ special about the film. (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) (DVD) – Myk

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