This is a repriced version of a previously released DVD. Originally released in 1993, the Art of Fighting tells the story of two friends who are both karate experts. The difference is that one is filthy rich and one is dirt poor and takes care of his younger sister as well. There is a rivalry, but entirely friendly, but when things get tough, they are more than brothers. In this case, they stumble upon a priceless diamond that is being hunted by a local gangster. When Mr. Big find out they have the diamond, he kidnaps Ryo’s sister Yuri in order to gain leverage. Basically the two take a no holds barred run at the mob, and the only reason they survive is, they trade the diamond for Yuri, except Roberts family is filthy rich and he is worth more alive to a gangster than he is dead. That is until a vacationing detective becomes involved. While this is one of the better pieces from this genre of anime, I’m still not the biggest fan. Some of the anime gets silly looking, which I hate. I prefer the more realistic stuff. The whole story clocks in at 49 minutes and seems like it is only an episode as opposed to a self-contained story. Fans of Starblazers, Captain Harlock, Robotech and other stories from that era will appreciate this for it’s animation and similar story telling. If you are looking for something a little more realistic in feel, this may not work for you. (Central Park Media, 250 W 57th St, Suite 317, New York, NY 10107) (DVD) – Myk

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