Story: After fending off against the evil dead in a secluded cabin in the woods, poor Ash gets sucked back thru time and is trapped in the dark ages! In an attempt to retrieve the Necronomicon, which possesses the power to bring him back to his own time, he accidentally awakens an army of the dead. Before he heads back to the 21 century, he’ll have to fight off the army of darkness and if he’s lucky, he may just get a little sugar along the way.

The Film Itself: Most die-hard fans are well aware that this Bruce Campbell epic is really Evil Dead 3. And what can we say? It rocks! In every possible way! Everyone loves Army Of Darkness. Sure, it’s not as scary or monstrous as the previous evil dead films, but it sure is funny and one hell of a ride. Between the pit witch, Ash fighting miniature versions of himself, Evil Ash, and the army of skeletons, Army Of Darkness truly has it all. Originally, this double disc version was available as a limited edition DVD set back a few years ago, but due to popular demand, this is a re-issued version of the exact same set, and also the definitive version of Army Of Darkness on DVD. Seriously, folks… this is a must-own.

Special Features: This double disc set is filled to the brim with everything you could possibly want from this movie. You’ve got both cuts of the film – the theatrical & longer director’s cut with the alternate ending. There’s a very entertaining commentary track with Sam Raimi & Bruce Campbell, with Sam’s brother (and AOD co-writer) Ivan Raimi joining about half way thru. This isn’t as fun as the Evil Dead 2 commentary, but there’s still plenty of cool stuff mentioned here & hey… Bruce points out his dad’s cameo. There’s a sweet little featurette titled “The Men Behind The Army” which follows the fine folks at KNB as they prepare to create all the creatures and gags for this picture. (It also happens to be narrated by Bruce Campbell). There’s also some deleted scenes, talent bios and a trailer. Literally, a ton of cool stuff to satisfy your evil dead fetish. – robg.

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