If you have seen the film ‘Orgasmo’ by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, you have a little idea of what you are in for here. This is basically a porn superhero. She doesn’t fly around and stop bad guys by screwing them to death, but when she changes into her battle gear her body genetically enhances by making her ass and breasts grow and her clothes amazingly disappear, except for the knee high boots, her sword and a battle helmet. The dvd contains the first two episodes of this ongoing series from Japan and features tones of nudity and some odd demonic physiology. It also happens to take place at an all girls school, just in case there wasn’t enough sexual tension in the plot line. Story wise, the film is like Bubblegum Crisis (this is created by the same people) meets Sailor Moon meets the DC character Shazam. The story is strong enough, that had it been done in a clean format, it would still stand up. Also, for all you nerds out there, at the 44 minute mark, you get a guest appearance by a certain scarecrow type character from a Disney film that gets a lot of October attention. With Anime 18, the longer they release discs, the better the quality gets. This is another in a pretty good line of enjoyable releases that continue to expand the boundaries of the adult animation field. (Anime 18, 250 W 57th St, Suite 328, New York, NY 10107) – Myk.

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