American Movie

Story: This documentary is the heartfelt true story of Wisconsin filmmaker Mark Borchardt & his quest to finish his horror short ‘Coven’ to raise movie for his full length debut ‘Northwestern’.

The Film Itself: Granted, this doesn’t fall under the category of “horror film”, but nether less this touching documentary follows the life of Mark Borchardt, a struggling filmmaker from Wisconsin who’s attempting to raise money for a full length feature titled ‘Northwestern’. The only way he thinks it’s possible to raise finances is to complete his horror short ‘Coven’ & hopefully turn in a profit. Along the way, we get to meet his close friends, his parents, and his uncle Bill. If you’ve ever been interesting in seeing the passion behind some of the horror films that get made, then make an effort to sit thru ‘American Movie’. You will be entertained.

Special Features: The film is in full screen which is the way it was shot and features a cast & director commentary. I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but considering the cast is already a fine group of really entertaining folks, I’m sure the commentary is equally as entertaining. Also included are a few deleted scenes, and Mark’s ‘Coven’ film; probably the highlight of the disc. After watching the documentary, wouldn’t you want to see the completed movie they constantly talk about? ‘Coven’ is ok for what it is, but hell… you can’t help but love Mark after watching this flick, and he gets an A plus for effort & enthusiasm. – robg.

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