Alien Apocalypse stars Bruce Campbell and Renee O’ Connor and is basically Planet of the Apes with bugs and made for the Sci Fi channel. The film was made with the same crew and several of the same cast members of Man With The Screaming Brain in the exact same area of Romania. A rocket ship is launched with Dr. Ivan Hood (Campbell) and Capt. Kelly Lanahan (O’ Connor), plus two other crew members, and they end up touching down 40 years after launching. The earth has been taken over by bugs that look like the Genoshians from Episode 2 and like to bite the heads off of Earthlings as a treat. It is exactly like Planet of the Apes, but considering it was made for TV, the effects are pretty good. Not to mention the obvious difference between Bruce Campbell and Charleton Heston is immeasurable. Dr. Hood sets out on a course to try and find the human rebellions leadership and ends up leading them himself. Bruce Campbell fans will of course eat this up and fans of cheesey Sci-Fi will dig it as well. If you are looking for the next Isaac Asimov, you are out of luck. This is just fun, and directed by Josh Becker to boot. The dvd features audio commentary with Becker and Campbell and some behind the scenes stuff. If you have ever heard a Bruce Campbell commentary, you know that alone is worth the disc. (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084) – Myk.

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