Icons of Fright At Spiderman 3 Premier!

We lucked out. We got into the Spiderman 3 Premier and Afterparty. We took pictures. Of us. Geeking out. Not much in the way of news or horror news, but we had a good time.

Funny story. Rob G gets an email inviting him and a guest to try for special passes to see SPIDER MAN 3 this Monday. He is given a choice of 3 theaters: Bronx, Manhattan, or Queens. He picks Queens because that’s where Peter Parker is from and moments later finds out he’s gotten the passes.
So we show up tonight with our pass printed out from the internet to find that the Queens location is the ACTUAL WORLD PREMIER of the film. After waiting on a line we got our pass for the picture AND a pass for the afterparty. Most amazing geek night of my life. Here’s the proof:

When you walked into the after party you were able to take a picture on web. Awesome.

Director Sam Raimi. He blinked, I geeked out. It all evens out.

Look close. It’s Robert Duvall.

Me on the red carpet (my first, thank you, thank you).

Me and Rob felt we needed another pic each of us on the red carpet.

Rob got the chance to meet Topher Grace.

We were both unable to contain our giddy geek excitement when we ran into Sam Raimi. He started to ask us awkward questions like, “You really weren’t disappointed at all?”. Uh….

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