Rolfe Kanefsky announces HITCHCOCK, NEBRASKA!

Filmmaker ROLFE KANEFSKY (There’s Nothing Out There, Nightmare Man, The Hazing) recently announced on his official website that his next project will be HITCHCOCK, NEBRASKA.

On Rolfe’s official website (, the writer/director gave some updates on the status of a few of his latest projects and made the announcements on a few news ones too.

According to his news blog, Rolfe has completed Pretty Cool Too, the sequel to his comedy Pretty Cool, and it will be released on June 12th courtesy of MTI Home Video.

Also, another comedy he scripted called BLONDE AND BLONDER which stars Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards, and which was directed (uncreditted) by the late, great Bob Clark will be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Horror-wise – There’s an article on NIGHTMARE MAN, which stars Tiffany Shepis and Richard (HOUSE) Moll in the new issue of SIRENS OF CINEMA magazine, currently on stands.

Other projects he mentions, "Recently filmed some wraparounds with Tiffany Shepis for a proposed new series entitled TIFFANY SHEPIS PRESENTS ONCE UPON A HORROR. This is a "Tales From The Crypt" type of series. The first four episodes have been scripted and I’m hoping to shoot one late summer as the pilot episode."

"Meanwhile, a new thriller I co-wrote and am attached to directed entitled HITCHCOCK, NEBRASKA is doing the rounds."

"A script I wrote entitled HORROR WORLD is also out and about. It’s a big budget horror action script best described as "Night At The Museum Of Horror"."

Be on the look out for an extensive FRIGHT exclusive interview with ROLFE KANEFSKY in our upcoming May edition of ICONS OF FRIGHT!

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  1. I would love to know more about Hitchcock, Nebraska. I absolutly love Hitchcock and also Rolfes great sense of horror. Please let us know more details when abailable.

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