Avatar to release 2001 MANIACS Comic Book!

It appears Avatar Press will be publishing a 32 page one-shot titled 2001 MANIACS SPECIAL #1, written by Tim Sullivan the filmmaker who wrote and directed the 2001 MANIACS movie and it’s upcoming sequel. No release date set yet, but check out all the details from the press release below!

Avatar Press is returning to the horror genre we love, and will publish the first licensed comic based on the movie 2001 Maniacs. 2001 MANIACS SPECIAL #1 is fully-authorized by horror icon Robert Englund, and the comic features his likeness from the movie as Mayor Buckman. 2001 MANIACS SPECIAL #1 is written by the Writer/Director of the movies, Tim Sullivan, and it will be completely in-continuity with the original, second, and third movies. Spanish sensation Raulo Caceres will draw the comic, and it will be featured at the San Diego Comic Con supported by both cast and crew.

Robert Englund stars in this origin tale of the 2001 Maniacs written by director Tim Sullivan! Just in time for the second film in this horror franchise, and written by the director and writer of the 2001 Maniacs movies, this Special fits into the continuity of the films. Tim Sullivan tells, for the first time, the origin of the 2001 Maniacs, and introduces two new characters that will be featured in the second film, coming out this Fall! Fully-authorized and with his blessing, Englund’s likeness is used on his character Mayor Buckman in this gruesome tale of betrayal. This comic will be promoted with a special “making of” featurette on the DVD release of the second 2001 Maniacs film. No one but Avatar could bring this gory tale of tragedy to the comic page with the bleeding-edge story-telling the fans demand! This horrific issue is available with the standard, Wraparound, and Gore covers by artist Raulo Caceres, a Photo cover of Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman, and a special Englund signed edition that features a poster signed by Robert Englund, Tim Sullivan, and other members of the 2001 Maniacs cast and is limited to just 750 copies (ships with a certificate of authenticity).

Avatar Press is a comic book publisher that continues to push the boundaries between mainstream and independent with current and upcoming work from creators such as Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Brian Pulido, George A. Romero, George R.R. Martin, Joe R. Lansdale, John Russo, Mike Wolfer, Juan Jose Ryp, Jacen Burrows, and numerous others. The company has published a wide range of comic books including creator-owned titles like Garth Ennis’ 303 and Brian Pulido’s Lady Death, company-owned comics such as Pandora and The Ravening, licensed hits like Frank Miller’s Robocop and George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, and numerous other titles. A publisher that has established itself as one of the cornerstones of the American indy comic book scene over the past decade, Avatar has published some 500 comic books since 1997.

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