THE TRIPPER tour continues! FRIGHT exclusive interview with the writer!

The boys at Dread Central have just posted a map detailing the next few stops on DAVID ARQUETTE‘s TRIPPER tour! Read on for the details:

If you head on over to the following link:

You can find a map of the next few stops of DAVID ARQUETTE‘s promotional tour for his directorial debut THE TRIPPER, hitting select theaters on 4/20! (Next Friday?!?!?!)

Looks like he’ll be at Trash Party in NYC on April 13th, the CHILLER convention with Thomas Jane on April 14th, Baltimore on April 15th, Howard Stern’s show on April 16th, Chicago on April 17th, and back to the West Coast from the 18th thru the 20th.

Get the whole scoop over on his My Space page at:


Also, don’t forget to check out our FRIGHT exclusive interview this month with the co-writer of THE TRIPPER, JOE HARRIS.

And check out our interview from earlier in the year with DAVID ARQUETTE himself!

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