Grandma’s Sloppy Seconds: An IoF FIRST LOOK Review!

They say most people don’t like horror and comedy mixed together. Those people have never seen one of Jeff Hayes‘s "Grandma" movies.




Jeff Hayes is a sicko and he’s got sicko tastes in movies. This guy spends hours a day on the interwebs working on a website devoted to a trashy 80’s slasher flick where a 12 year old girl with a penis murders small children and dumps boiling pots of hot water on pedophillic (but otherwise perfectly nice) summer camp cooks. To top it off this banana has made two films himself, and both star his own grandmother as a satanic, sometimes supernatural, psychopathic slasher.

Of course, he’s one of Icons favorites, and this year Jeff is independently releasing "Grandma’s Sloppy Seconds", the follow-up "Grandma’s Secret Recipe".

Even if you’ve never seen "Grandma’s Secret Recipe" no need to worry. "Sloppy Seconds" neatly wraps up the leftovers and recaps the events of the first short. It’s fairly simple. Several years ago Grandma went a little crazy over the cooktop and stabbed her (obnoxious) granddaughter Susie to death. After cooking her up, her son Jimmy met a similar fate. Grandma disappeared, but the murders became infamous and her house a local tourist attraction. However, this year, just as the house is about to ramp up tours for the season Grandma returns to kill again.


Grandma is played by the lovably evil Barbara O’Connor. I don’t know about you, but there’s a certain charm to watching a 78 year old woman killing teenagers with landscaping equipment while pontificating in speeches that usually start, "Now listen, bitch!". James O’Connor plays Jimmy’s Ghost who is hilarious when returns from the afterlife shouting, "Oh good lord, heaven’s to Betsy, she’s back!" Even the possessed body of Susie from "Secret Recipe" returns. "Sleepaway Camp" fans will love Felissa Rose‘s appearance as reporter Angie Angel.

Now it’s all a bit ridiculous, of course, and not to be taken seriously, but director Hayes knows this and keeps the mood light and campy. Murdering septogenarians, heavy New England accents, and an atmosphere perfect for Halloween ghost storytelling. Sure, it’s goofy, but never goes too over-the-top.


The film is technically superior to the first film, which wasn’t very tightly edited and sometimes seemed a little stiff. It surprised me that "Sloppy Seconds" is longer than the original since it’s 45 minute running time goes by very quickly. Today when it seems like every other short filmmaker is out to recreate a zombie epic in their backyard or direct their own 5 minute "Hostel" it’s great to come across something like "Grandma’s Sloppy Seconds" that is never pretentious or heavy-handed. It’s just great horror fun.

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  1. Hi I was in this movie. I was the guy who Grandma got with the chainsaw. This movie was a blast to make. No one got into their role more than “Grandma.” One of the best things I like about this movie is that is a little goofy and to me has an 80’s feel when horror movies were fun.

  2. I was at the World Premiere of this movie! It’s sick, twisted and made laugh out loud! I was sitting just a few feet from Grandma, and got my share of her evil eye as well as the “YOU’RE NEXT” finger pointing. It was creepy! Don’t miss this movie! It’s a SCREAM!

  3. I was at the World Premiere of this sequel to the 2002 film “Grandma’s Secret Recipe,” and I positively loved this movie. I loved it so much I wrote to the director the next day asking for an autograph of Grandma herself. Both he and Grandma were happy to oblige and I was so rewarded.
    This film is a riot from start to finish. A great mix of humor and horror that never lets up for it near-hour running-time. As great as the 1st film was, this sequel soars well above its predecessor by a wide margin. It is everything that the Hollywood horror genre should be: A thrill ride of an adventure with one mean baddie and some excellent gory effects.
    The filmmaker really knocked this one out of the ballpark with great pacing, excellent horror dialogue and a great ensemble that keeps you wanting more once the final credits roll.
    SPOILERS: ***** The stand-out scene for me was the death of the John Crowley character. While his role is that of a horn dog with no apparent respect for the females, his death scene more than makes up for his arrogant, misogynic demeanor. The scene in which the Crowley character is nearly split in half by a chainsaw, from bottom-to-top, to boot, should be talked about for years to come. The scene alone puts anything in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movies to shame. ***** END SPOILERS
    If you can see this film at a Festival near you, don’t wait. You’ll have one hell of a ghoulish time.
    SPC from Massachusetts.
    * * * * out of * * * *

  4. This movie was absolutely hilarious! It is a perfect combination of screams and laughs the whole way through; unlike some of the “horror” movies out in theaters today which are all gore and have no plot whatsoever. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone. You have to see it to believe how great it is. For me there is just something about a killer Grandma that makes me want to watch it over and over again. An excellent movie!

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