Remembering Bob Clark

A few days ago, we were shocked to discover that legendary director Bob Clark and his son Ariel were killed in a horrible car accident. While there are still no words to truly sum up how we collectively feel, we felt the best thing we can do is remember and celebrate Bob and his films.

Our staffer Jsyn first interviewed Bob Clark back in April of 2005 and he had remained a friend ever since. Take a moment to re-read that original interview:

And if you’re not familiar with some of his work, please keep this memory alive by re-discovering some of the classic films he made in ALL the genres of film. Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, Deathdream, Murder By Decree, Black Christmas (the original), Porky’s, Rhinestone, Turk 182, Loose Cannons and of course A Christmas Story. (Along with a dozen others.)

Also, read this wonderful interview that Bob did a few days ago with the entire GRINDHOUSE crew:

Rest In Peace, Bob.

One thought on “Remembering Bob Clark

  1. I had not followed Bob’s career but when I saw his picture in the Tampa Tribune, I recognized the face and name immediately. When Bob was at the University of Miami, my husband then (now deceased) Vince Petti directed him in the play “Luther” in a theatre in Coral Gables . Bob’s portrayal of Martin Luther was quite profound. I was very sad to hear of Bob and his son’s tragic death. My sincere condolences to his family.

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