One full year ago in May of 2006, our buddy Kevin Klemm launched a new column here on Icons Of Fright called GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO. Kevin grew up watching all the classic "grindhouse" movies, and his column quickly became one of our favorites sections to this site. (Rivaling John Torrani’s ‘Movies The Bad Kids Like’)

Well, with the release of GRINDHOUSE today in theaters, we thought it was time to re-look over the wonderful editions that Kevin’s submitted to us over the past year. And rest assured, there’s more to come.

GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO ISSUE 1 – (May 2006) – Fight For Your Life, THRILLER: A Cruel Picture & I Spit On Your Gave.

GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO 6/6/06 "WHAT THE HELL?!" EDITION – (June 2006) – Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter & The Halfway House.

GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO ISSUE 2 – (July 2006) – Deadbeat At Dawn, Combat Shock & Switchblade Sisters.

GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO ISSUE 3 – (August 2006) – The Crippled Masters, The Street Fighter & Master Of The Flying Guillotine.

GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO ISSUE 4 – (November 2006) – 42nd Street Forever Volume 1 & 42nd Street Forever Volume 2: The Duece.

Get readin’!


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