DVD Review: Bottom Feeder

“Bottom Feeder”….exactly.

I want to be mean to this movie because it is, really, terrible. For me it wasn’t even enjoyable as a horror movie. It just seems assembled out of the bits and pieces of other terrible direct-to-DVD or Sci-Fi Channel movies. It’s cheap. It’s not scary, and the monster is ridiculous.
As far as it being worthy Crap Cinema, it’s even borderline disqualified there. It does have Tom Sizemore in the kind of role Tom Sizemore really is too good to play, so well, at least it has chintzy celebrity ha-ha value. I did appreciate that there was monster in a suit, but what’s with the make-up in this movie? The creature and this burned up character, they both look like they were dipped in olive oil. They’re all shiny. I’m assuming they must have used some of that new silicone makeup, the kind that creates a skin-type mask on the actor. Didn’t they think to powder it down or anything?
The other casting is borderline stupid, there’s some emo-looking kid (with my haircut from 3 years ago, ya thief) who’s supposed to be part of the city sewer maintenance workers. He gets knocked off pretty quickly, so if emo kids getting their faces scratched off is your kind of entertainment, here you go.
It’s not even remotely scary enough to be good, and it’s even terrible at being bad. “Bottom Feeder”? More like bottom scraper.
The DVD is unrated. It features a making-of featurette and a trailer.

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