LOST Harry Penderecki Film, “People Pesticide” FINALLY To See Release

Harry Penderecki’s "People Pesticide" will finally see a DVD release in early June 2007, according to LMB Productions. Rights issues between Harry and producer Russ Clark were put to rest in a private settlement in January finally clearing the way for the film to hit the home video market.

"People Pesticide" was schedule for release shortly after being shot. The film also faced prolonged legal wrangling with Apple Corp. LTD, notorious for dragging out rights and clearances issues for years, due to Penderecki’s heavy use of elements borrowed from the Beatle’s "Abbey Road" album.

However, with all these legal issues cleared up this lost horror classic-to-be will finally be available for a new generation of horror fans to appreciate:




One thought on “LOST Harry Penderecki Film, “People Pesticide” FINALLY To See Release

  1. YEAH! Penderecki is such the shit, it’s not funny. I met him at a Fango con recently. He kind of got old, but I still love his stuff! I’d been meaning to replace my bootleg DVD of this film for so long. Can’t wait for this new film of his Brutal Massacre!

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