Ryan Rotten over at the Coming Soon.net site is reporting that filmmaker Dave Parker is making his return to the genre with his new flick THE HILLS RUN RED. Parker’s first genre effort was THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING and in the period in between he’s been responsible for putting together some of the best special feature documentaries for multiple DVD releases, such as Superman Returns, X-Men 2 and even Pumpkinhead 2! (What?! I LIKE that movie, damn it!!!)

According to Ryan’s article, "harkens back to ’80s body count slasher fare as it follows a group of folks trying to unlock the mysteries of a nefarious can of celluloid entitled "The Hills Run Red" and its director. For help, they enlist the film’s only surviving cast member to take them through its remote backwoods locations." They also report the involvement of David Schow whom genre fans know as the screenwriter behind The Crow and Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.

Check out the original article at the following link:


And be on the lookout for a FRIGHT exclusive with Mister Dave Parker within the next few months!

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