TEEN WOLF remake?! With SMALLVILLE’s Tom Welling?!

Ok, for the record… (and laugh all you want) TEEN WOLF with Michael J Fox is one of my all time favorite 80’s movies. Hell, I even saw the crappy sequel Teen Wolf Too in theaters…

I had heard rumors that they were thinking of making a "serious" show out of it, ala how they converted Buffy The Vampire Slayer into the popular Sarah Michelle Gellar show.

But… THIS was on IMDB this morning. (Originally reported on DarkHorizons.com)

Welling Signs Up for ‘Teen Wolf’

"New TV Superman Tom Welling has given the Teen Wolf film franchise a boost after reportedly signing on for a new movie. In the new Teen Wolf, a remake of Michael J. Fox’s 1985 movie, the fun-loving werewolf of the title will be played by a female. Website DarkHorizons.com reports that Smallville star Welling will be part of the supporting cast of the new film."

Female Teen Wolf huh? Well, I’ll always have the original, I guess.

Interesting side-note: The original TEEN WOLF was written by comic book writer Joph Loeb, which would explain the line of dialogue, "With great power… comes an even GREATer responsiblity." Jeph Loeb was later a writer/consultant on SMALLVILLE.


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