JAWS: THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING My Space page & You Tube clips on line!

Not only is there now an official My Space page for the documentary JAWS: THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING, but there’s also several clips featuring Steven Spielberg, Eli Roth, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith and Richard Dreyfuss on You Tube!

To check out the video clips, just clip the following link:


You can check out the My Space page at the following link, which also features the trailer:



According to the American Film Institute, Jaws ranks among the fifty greatest movies of all time and the second- greatest thriller ever (Behind Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho). After three decades, the film continues to intrigue, thrill and frighten viewers. It’s become an entertainment mainstay, a timeless classic in a world of fad filmmaking.

The movie’s legacy is undeniable and virtually unmatched: It jump-started the summer blockbuster phenomenon, not to mention the illustrious career of one Hollywood’s most influential directors, Steven Spielberg. Jaws was a thoroughly groundbreaking film in every way imaginable. It had a tremendous impact on the way movies are made, marketed and merchandised and spawned a pop cultural fascination with sharks. And, perhaps most notably, the film generated a visceral fear of swimming that continues to afflict multitudes to this day.

Though scores of pictures have been made attempting to capitalize on the “man vs. nature” genre so brilliantly defined by Jaws, none have even remotely approximated its impact. It remains solidly among the top box office grossers of all time and is televised frequently, its unrivaled shelf-life allowing it to be discovered and adored by new generations of fans. In fact, some of today’s hottest directors and writers have cited Jaws as their inspiration for pursuing a career in film. But the movie’s influence didn’t stop at the entertainment industry. It also extended into the realm of natural science. Numerous marine biologists and shark researchers have attested that their early fascination with Jaws ignited a lifelong dedication to their chosen field.  And it can be said that the initial phenomenon of the film (and original novel) was a significant catalyst in the continuing advancement of real shark science as a whole.

Also noteworthy here is the fact that although three more Jaws films were made, it is the original alone that seems to have generated a worldwide following; one which rivals the fan bases of other film or TV properties composed of multiple sequels or episodes.

Narrated by Chief Martin Brody himself, Roy Scheider, this feature-length documentary focuses squarely on the many ways Jaws has helped to shape these elements of pop culture. In addition, TSISW proudly showcases many of the fans, artists, and craftsmen who keep this film alive, examining some of the  creative venues through which they express their passion for the film. It covers the recent events at Jawsfest’05, celebrating the picture’s thirtieth anniversary and highlights Jaws homages and send-ups from pop culture. Interviews with the cast and crew, and prominent filmmakers whose careers have been duly influenced by the movie will give the viewer some insight as to why Jaws has earned a well-deserved place among the greatest classics Hollywood has ever produced. The Shark is Still Working promises to be the ultimate retrospective on Jaws.



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