TYLER MANE – MICHAEL MYERS interview on the official HALLOWEEN website!

The official HALLOWEEN website, HALLOWEENMOVIES.COM just posted the first interview with new MICHAEL MYERS actor TYLER MANE.

Just head on over to WWW.HALLOWEENMOVIES.COM, click on ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN and you’ll see a link in the latest news posting directing you to TYLER MANE’S exclusive interview with the site. It’s worth a read!


5 Responses to “TYLER MANE – MICHAEL MYERS interview on the official HALLOWEEN website!”
  1. juan carlos says:

    Your halloween wascool i sat threw the whole movie flitching and everything good directing this movie is a legend and its awsome!

  2. Brady says:

    I Have watched all the halloween movies and tyler mane plays the best michael myers i have seen yet.

  3. stephen says:

    so awsome i love halloween the movie,only the fact that i am only 10 years old lol.but there was so much nudity.

  4. robg says:

    Quite frankly, at 10 years old, the new Halloween is not an appropriate movie for you to see.

  5. puddin says:

    well, i’m 16 and i’ve watched all of the halloween movies, but i must agree that tyler mane does play the best micheal yet. the directing was wonderful, along with the acting. the other halloween’s really fall short of this one! it wasn’t over done and the acting was great.

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