Our exclusive report from MONSTER MANIA 7 is up! Featuring THE MONSTER SQUAD reunion, SAW reunion, Crispin Glover and more!

Our report and pictures from MONSTER MANIA 7 are in!!! Guests included a SAW reunion with Tobin Bell (Jigsaw himself!), Shawnee Smith (Amanda SAW 1-3), Leigh Whannell (victim/co-writer of SAW 1-3), Debra McCabe (Freezer Girl in SAW 3), J. Larose (Chainman in SAW 3), Barry Flatman (Judge Halden of SAW 3), Tony Nappo (Gus of SAW 2), Tim Burd (Obi of SAW 2 & 3), Noam Jenkins (Venus Fly Trap victim of SAW 2), Crispin Hellion Glover (Willard, Back To The Future, Friday The 13th 4, What Is It?), a MONSTER SQUAD reunion with director/co-writer Fred Dekker, Duncan Regehr (Dracula), Tom Noonan (Frankenstein), Tom Woodruff Jr. (The Gill Man), Ashley Bank (Phoebe), Ryan Lambert (Rudy), Andre Gower (Sean), Tom Savini, Kane Hodder (Jason), Warrington Gillette (Jason 2), Gunnar Hansen (the original Leatherface), Patricia Quinn (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment), Emily Perkins (Ginger Snaps) and many, many more!!!

We’ve got panel pictures from both the SAW and MONSTER SQUAD reunions, as well as a look at the vendor & autograph rooms, and some pictures from comedian Judah Friedlander’s (FEAST) stand-up performance in the hotel’s comedy club. Check it out HERE!!!

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